The media encompasses the field of culture and occupies a particular position in the vital sphere of man.

They are automatically transcribed as predominantly artistic instruments.

Media and Art: one only relationship.

In other words, the greatest difference between art and multimedia is found in the medium involved, that is, the used instrument. In this case, the device used assumes the role of an “artistic medium.”

Thanks to this effect, we can take part in the story of photography and the history of cinema. All these components have the ability to transform into artistic forms. Therefore, through all those historical processes the media integrated themselves as devices for artistic communication. So the history of art and the art of the media maintain a relationship almost of symbiosis.

The history of media and art history try to know how the media has been incorporated into the artistic process, and also how is that the same media can be transformed into  artistic media. In this course there exists a module called “archaeology of multimedia art”. It consists of identifying in the history of art of the twentieth century the use of the computer as a tool of creation and we can also see all the examples of artistic practices, which we try to add as components in the world of art and multimedia or simply by adding different media.

In conclusion, our experience today concerns a multimedia path that revolves around the sphere of communication.

“Art is communication”.

Stefania D’Aquila