Social apps are a big part of our lives, right? As it is not only a place for communication, but for sharing too, social media has become a great platform for … art lovers!

When these two words – social media and art – come together, a mind makes an immediate connection with Instagram. Because of its easy use and visuals, Instagram is being called one of the most “artistic” social apps. With its invention in 2010, the photos with retro aesthetic filters have become a specific part of the art world. Instagram has encouraged people not only to take a picture, but to keep more attention to photography angles, colours and the idea of the picture itself.  This way, the picture on Instagram it is not only picture – it is a specific piece of digital art. And some people not only post pictures, they even try to make their accounts to have a specific theme – isn’t it art?

On Instagram, besides all these artistic pictures, you can find a plenty numbers of art works reproductions. The great example could be classic Mona Liza painting, which probably was reproduced by different people the most. If you want to see this painting, all you can do it to enter Mona Liza in a search field and here you have different perspectives of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting. Despite all these pictures of the original painting, you can find plenty of numbers of more interesting ways of seeing this painting. And the best thing about that is that you could not find all these reproductions in a museum, but it is an Instagram that connects it and its creators together.


And this example could be not the only one. Seeing all these artistic pictures and feeds, we could say, that Instagram is becoming something that is not only about sharing – it is about showing your artistic side!

☽ Egle Zukauskaite