War – a word, that is no longer a distant past. It may be hard to believe, but for some people this word is still very familiar – war is a part of their everyday lives. Around 65 million people are fleeing conflict today, 75 percent of whom live in cities, where today’s battles are increasingly happening.

Knowing such a thing, the International Committee of the Red Cross, together with the digital innovation agency Nedd, with the help of the Lithuanian producer Vitalijus Žukas, who took the visual part of the project, has created the Enter The Room program inviting to survive the unique experience of people living in war zones. The app lets you experience augmented reality in the eyes of the little girl. As soon as you open the app, you enter the girl’s room (your room) through virtual door and then, by walking and moving your device, you can see how things have changed over the years – toys, clothes, and even sounds from the street. It reveals how the living conditions of a child living in conflict zones change over four years unrecognizably.


This can be taken as a great example of new way of storytelling. App is not only an immersive game,  but, as the authors say, it was made in order to raise people’s awareness of the importance of humanitarian assistance in conflict zones.

We hope the story told through this immersive app will give people new insights into the realities of war. It reminds us that urban warfare does actually destroy children’s bedrooms, their homes, and their lives. Peter Maurer, President of the ICRC

Download the app here.

Egle Zukauskaite