Belgian designer Pieter- Jan Pieters, founder of OWOW (theomnipresentworldofwizkids) has developed a new technology that enables a new platform of interaction with media when creating music. Once connected to either the Wob, Kick, Finger, Heart or Scan, the computer is able to translate your natural body movements into sound.  This innovative approach in creating music has put to question the traditional form of music coding and the necessity of using classical instruments. Instead of using complex systems of music notes to learn any instrument, you are able to use your instinct and body to create unique and personal electronic music.

As demonstrated in the video below, simple common daily movements such as tapping your finger or foot, or waving your hand, can adjust the rhythm, pitch and speed of the sound. Even the heartbeat, the most intuitive and unique movement of any human, can be turned into a recorded electronic beat.  By adapting body sensors, electronic music is not just created by a series of computer commands or coding, but by transmitting the received individual motions or beats. Another interesting device, Draw, has used the basic component of sheet music or coding going up a scale to signify change in note, but has simplified it to the notes being created by a scanning machine reading lines drawn on a page.

It has been a project that has further explored the potential of the user interface as a means of creating a virtual product through intuitive everyday movements. It is creating a process where more so than ever before, what we feel and how we move is being precisely captured by media and transformed into an individual piece of art- one arguably more unique than any others to date. Moreover, it is breaking away from conventional music making, surpassing the limitations that standardized sheet music has imposed on musicians for so many years. Your own body becomes the principal instrument that brings to life all the components of music, without actually using traditional instruments or means to create it. It is a huge advancement in the possibilities arising from human interaction with media and in the creation of individual artistic pieces. If what art attempts to do is to accurately reflect private sensory perceptions, then this new form of music making, has provided us with a new possibility of doing so.

N Roller