Nowadays, in the era of highly developed technologies which surrounds us almost everywhere, we are constantly experiencing information overflow. This circumstances influenced also the field of art. The way how much we are dependent of digital devices in our daily life changed also the way how we are communicating with each other and thus how we are creating and perceiving the art.

Computer is continually present in our lifes, as well as software.  This last one, is created to storage, process and analyze databases. Since we are living in age, which can  easily be called digital or computer one, weapons of artistic creation have changed. Lev Manovich in his works tried to capture the main features of this occurrence. He stated that databases should be perceived as essential forms of expression in terms of culture. By this we can understand that he claimed that the current art is the art of database.

To explain it more widely I want to present the example of Database Art, Pockets full of Memories (2003-2006), by George Legrady, which  is an installation view consisted of database station in which the public is choosing criterias of search. After this interactive aspect, computer is analyzing and processing data and keywords to display images on a screen which afterwards are sorted by similarity to chosen criteria and displayed on the screen in different, interesting variations. For example they  are shown in 2D matrix, in their movement over the time, or in their textual descriptions. Just take a look:

 This example indicates the influence of computerization on art. Data replaced paint and software became the main tool of creation.

Katarzyna Wielgus