Speaking about the digital representation of the artwork, and being simultaneously a Pole, I am obligated to mention about the Polish project called “Warsaw 1935”. This only 7 minutes length movie was realized in 4 years by Special Effects Studio Newborn. It is a peculiar try of reconstruction the pre-war Warsaw. We can find similarity to the project “Rome Reborn”.


Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, used to be called as “Paris of the North”. This famous city of its beauty, was turned into ashes, during the Second World War. Only proofs of its excellence, which  outlasted, are photos from  these years. Digital reconstruction was based on them and on the old city plans from municipal archives.

By the exact reproduction of the architecture details audience is introduced to the middle-war look of the city with its unique atmosphere. Moreover movie was displayed in 3D technology in cinemas, which gave the additional sensation of realism. This emphasized the advanced level of nowadays technology in production of digital representation. Thus viewers are allowed to explore and experience the beauty of pre-war city. Previously it possible only for people who remain the pictures from the memory of the Warsaw from their youngest years.

“Warsaw 1935” indicates in specific way that digital reproductions can become the genuine reflections of the artworks.

*In addiction I want to mention about other digital movie which, in contrary, presents the picture of completely destroyed Warsaw from 1994. It is worth watching to realize, by the comparison, the enormous scale of the destruction.