Cunningham and John Cage proposed a number of innovations in dancing and multimedia. They changed the relationship between dance, music and also visual art, which they included in the same time and space, but should be created independently of one another. For Cunningham the subject of his choreoraghies was always dance itself. He also experimented with dance and technology like using the computer program DanceForms.

In the late nineteenth century electric stage lighting was considered a revolutionary technology and Loie Fuller (1862-1928) was one of the first modern dancers to experiment with its possibilities.  Fuller was regarded as a pioneer in working with multimedia. She developed free dance and her own natural movement and improvisation techniques. Fuller combined her choreography with silk costumes illuminated by multicoloured lighting of her own design.

Today to use light in dance performance is the norm and technological possibilities have brought a new kind of multimedia.  From virtual dancers to entire stage settings created using computer graphics that interact with the dancers on stage, the variety to show dance performance seems endless. One example is this video:

Nora Orth