In now a days we can visit museums and city’s virtual on the computer. With 3D in Movies and Games we feel like we are in the reality.But is the new opportunity of technology a blessing or a curse?

The german philosophe Walter Benjamin (1892) saw that the opportunity of art changed since photography and film exists. With this materials every piece can be reproduced. The endless reproduction of art let them loose his atmosphere. But the reproduction was for Benjamin positive, because now for everybody art is accessible like in the “Google Art Project”. In this project the users can make a picture from a zoom of each painting and chair it with the others. Art is now a social happening.So now we can look really close to a paintings work with zoom, how never before:

“The starry night” Vincent van Gogh

Bernard Frischer is also a big friend of Reproduction. Especially of in the digital form.  He is a leading digital humanist and rebuilded Rome in a digital world. In his project we can see how Rome looked like in all ages before.

So digital technology is a opportunity to meet places, people in an other time and space and it is available for everyone.

The question seems to be, will Projects like “Rome rebuild! or “google art” replace the experience of real places, museums and art?

I think digital technology can never replace a real art. For me art is created in the real life not in the computer. Art is for me something what you can touch and where you can see the special work tracks of an artist, like the brush.

To go to a museum or to a place is more impressively than the virtual world. A visit in a museum you will never forget. But you can not remind all the pictures that you have seen in the Internet.