Visual music meant the transposition of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic in relationships with images. It is a dynamic art form who underlines the images that we can see, so that we even feel more. The historical roots of visual music can already be found in the theories of Pythagoras and Aristotle, they connected 7 colours to sounds. In Renaissance music was coupled to colour and light values ​​so that color music could be produced by means of color organs. In the 20s and 30s expanded the representative of the absolute film artists like Oskar Fischinger and Len Lye. They made a perfect composition between rhythmic music and  moving image.

But also the color themself develop  an emotion in us. Red means energy and love, blue ice and peace. So every colour has a meaning for us, for example we didn’t expect, that an apple is blue, we wouldn`t eat it.

einem blauen Apfel Obst isoliert auf weißem Hintergrund Stockfoto - 4002946

The artist from swiss Hanspeter Kruesi composed to each 7 colours of the rainbow a music. So when we hear orange it is warm and slowly, blue is fresh and fast:



His concept is “Farbmusik” who uses music as an expression of the emotional experience of colours. The listener should experience the same psychological sensation hearing the music of a chosen colour similar to other methods such as: light, paintings, imagination or others. The composed music used different methods like piano, guitar, modern sounds, beats and psycho acoustic effects. The rainbow colours have been chosen because they are the manifestation of spectral colours and show the normal range of colours which humans are able to see. For Kruesi the colour music is a therapy form.