Ever since visual Art exists, Artists have been trying to reconstruct reality. This can be seen in the time of naturalism with artists like Dürer or Caravaggio (1571-1610). For them proportion and composition are very important. They are working with a big selection of colors so that they look real, also shadow and light are a concern of naturalism. When we look at the painting “Martha and Mary Magdalene” from Caravaggio we think we can touch her face, because of the shadow.

But still the subjects are fixed, there is something that seems to freeze the action. Not so in the picture by Jan Vermeer (1632-1675), an artist from the baroque period. When we look at the painting “The Little Street” we can feel the movements of persons, because he is not using grey for the shadow, but also because the stroke of the brush is not so static as before, it seems more free.

But also on this pictures we still know that it is a painting.  In 1960s a new art direction “Pop Art” from the USA was created, they used photorealism to engage people after the effects World War Two. They wanted to show that there is no limit between painting and photography. Now there was a new opportunity for reproducing a photography. The artist Robert Bechtle first took a photo of the bubble gums and then painted them.

Now we are not sure what is a photography and what is a painting or what is art?

To summarize, i think in our time there aren´t any limits to reconstruct real life. With the new technologies and skills we can create a virtual world. What is different is the point of view of the artist and his message.