One of the latest use of multimedia, which I would like to refer to will be the appearance of Tupac Shakur at Coachella festival in summer 2012. This American rapper died 17 years ago, but thanks to newest technology audience could enjoy his performance one more time.  The image of the artist occurred during the concert of Snoop Dogg, and they performed song called “Hail Mary” (They recorded a lot of material together).

 Many people thought that it was a hologram of him, but in fact, he showed up on the stage as a 2D-image. It wasn’t that easy to distinguish if the figure artist is real or not. Of course everyone were undoubtedly aware of his death and no one expected to see his life performance. The point is that I am quite sure if someone, who is not really into hip-hop and don’t have any idea who Tupac* is, couldn’t perceived the uniqueness of this concert. However, since Coachella is a festival, which annually gathers huge amount of fans of different music genres and sculptural art, such a show was widely vowed and appreciated.

This astonishing usage of multimedia resulted in a creation of remarkable event among the hip-hop listeners society. Thanks to the perfect synchronization of the sound and image whole performance was really convincing. The animation was based on the old footages of the 2pac concerts and it emphasized his most characteristic body movements.

In this particular example, different branches of art, as sound and image are deeply cooperating with each other. It clearly points out that art and technology are able to make up for the sensation of observing the live performance of  ‘physical’ artists. In conclusion, the progress of coexistence of different arts as well as the process of taking the advantages of it in entertainment is astounding.

*Tupac Shakur  can be alternatively named as 2pac or TuPac.

written by Katarzyna Wielgus