Reproduction – from one hand a biological process, with purpose to create new organism, from their predecessor(s), furthermore – each organism is a result of reproduction, but on the other hand a desire to create copy, with this desire people have been busy thousands of year’s – household objects, manuscripts, artworks – sculptures and paintings(printed, digital, hand painted),photos, DVD’s, CD’s, digital copies – every possible variations of reproductions are made these days and in the past, actually it is in the nature of human – to reproduce, starting from the creating a family, which is the most direct representation of reproduction, to reproduction of objects which is either necessary or simply beautiful and joyful.

Is the original of the artwork a reproduction itself? If we are talking about biological reproduction it’s simple – the predecessor (original) have to be a reproduction itself, because everything occurs from somebody – something (the predecessor of predecessor). So are we even allowed to talk about reproductions? The artist is always affected by other artist, by their opinions and works, we cannot escape from subjectivism even if we are creating something new. The original painting – reflection of object existence, basically, already is a reproduction, movie – reflection of story, scenario, vision of author – clearly, at some point it is reproduction already, but which are the conditions that sets the line between original and reproduction, is it only the circulation of the concrete work, aura, idea? I guess – aura, the original, consists the idea which author was trying to include in his work, artwork is an unique witness of time, consisting beliefs of concrete time and artist, witness of many owners and events, a mysterious object from past who have seen it all, but will never tell you nothing, so you can only imagine. But even thought reproduction may be only a copy and it looses it’s aura, I believe that does not effect the artwork – the original, I can’t believe that the artist who made it, particularly, for example if we are talking about paintings would wish, that only very wealthy people could afford to buy artworks and enjoy their beauty. So the reproduction continues the main duty of artwork – the expansion of idea and beauty.

Anete Sebre