Art reproduction nowadays is greatly popular and common. A lot of people have reproductions of artworks by Picasso, Monet, Dali, etc. at their homes. Still it is not only the paintings which can be reproduced. I want to point out the reproduction of photography, which should be used if you have very old photographs that start to fade out or to fragment. There is the possibility to conserve them using digital media, by scanning, and editing them with special editing programs. Does the aura of photography disappear when we are using an editing program?

The new remade photograph, which has not been edited yet, just scanned and printed out, already has a different aura, because the material used for printing the new one isn’t the same. Still you can see the ravages of time with this simple reproduction form, but if you decide to use an editing program it is inevitable that you will have the desire of making the photograph more likable for your eye, try to transform it in the way the photography was before – at the time of taking the photo.

There are different kinds of reproduction techniques for photographs. I pointed out scanning and editing, but photograps can be reproduced by the digital apparatus which had made the original artwork and by its camera. Digital media help digitally made artworks to extend their existence by using them as both reproduction form and art production form.