In the past painters were always trying to create portraits and artworks which looked real and alive, through centuries painters tried to reach the maximum realness in their works. This aspiration for perfection was only disturbed by artistic movements which changed the artist’s vision about reality, for example, the Romantic movement, which made the portrait very idealized and glorified. Although these movements searched in vain for the perfect picture, they pictured human beings in such way as no photo ever can – showing their uniqueness and the long process of creating the artwork.

But there is another side for creation of photographs, painters no more needed to create maximum real portraits and pictures, for that now was the business of photography, so finally they can express their creativity in new artistic movements, that’s where cubism, surrealism, minimalism,  etc. came in.

Anna Katherine Draper is the name of  female in this photo – the first women portrait photo ever taken, photographed in New York in 1840 by Dr. Joseph Draper, her brother. Showing the sensational invention of human photographic portrait and opening the photo-portrait era.

The oldest known portrait photography of women

The Primus – first portrait photo ever taken, Robert Cornelius self-portrait in 1839.