Fischingers “abstractions” in a straight line lead to what is now called Music Visualizations. These are synchronized with the sound pictures in motion. The creators of these shows are called VJs (video jockeys) who often make live shows. They often use analog video mixers, mixing different images and video clips. In collaboration with Djs they create amazing shows full of colors and rhythm.

Among the many “species” of visualizations liquid light shows definitely stand out. First of them appeared in 60’s. The process of creation is quite demanding: layers of colored mineral oil and alcohol which move under the heat of the lights and color produce changing patterns. The operators, in consequence, have their hands had almost permanently stained by the dyes- the characteristics of the profession.

These psychedelic shows were extremely spectacular, that’s why bands like Jefferson Airplane and Pink Floyd have often used it at concerts. The most renowned artistic groups, forming a liquid light shows, were The Joshua Light Show, The Single Wing Turquoise Bird and the Brotherhood of Light. These were the collective groups of lighting and multimedia specialists. Last of Them was famous by tilized liquid dyes, overhead projectors, color wheels, slide projection and 16mm film to produce not just a light show, but a live multi-sensory musical experience. Their services have been used by The Who, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Doors, Led Zeppelin or Janis Joplin. They are working to this day even though the competition is greater. Thanks to the magic of chemicals we can be a part of liquid light show and receive music not only with ears but with eyes too, which gives a brilliant feast for our senses.