This will be a short story (introduction) both about a fascinating talent and the unknown woman who had it.

Vivian Maier (1926-2009) was a “Mary Poppins like” nanny who hid something magical about her identity all of her life, till she died.

I, personally, do not want to examine all her life story, but emphasize stages which amaze lot of people who know her for the first time.

All her working life she was a nanny, but like all people sometimes have their time of privacy, solitude, she had it too. Despite being such a mystical figure in every household where she worked, no one knew that she had a hobby, enriched by her talent, and that was photography.

Her photographs were found only after her death in 2009. There is a large quantity of works, but that is not what we should emphasize, but their quality – both in material and technique, and also feel each of them.

Every photo captured by her has a movement. It is also static in a way, and it has been produced, but it has “that” aura, like if you can see and feel by your eyes not only a moment of capture, but also the time of life when it was shot, the movement of the object by itself.

She amazes with naked truth about people and things, which she had captured. Her works throughout express non-static, non-perfect human, as well as imperfect life, but still making it enjoyable rather than abhorrent for us.

We should talk about technical way how she had made her works, but I will rather stay silent, and let each of us form his/her own opinion about her compositions. Enjoy this example and see her website too!  Her website!

Agnese Rudzite