When light enters through a small hole in a dark space, something magical happens. Abelardo Morell, professor of photography, in the late twentieth century found a completely new use for this. In the meantime of his photography classes, he darkened room, covering all the windows with black foil. Then cut a small hole in the foil with a diameter of the coin and told students to look carefully. Almost immediately, black wall came alive and turned into a cinema screen. They saw a blurred image of people and vehicles moving along the street outside. But the image was inverted upside down and  from left to right. Morell turned the class into a camera obscura, which is the oldest imaging device and the ancestor of the camera. The optical phenomena used in it resembles the action of the human eye, the image comes inside through a small hole and is reversed thanks to the laws of physics. Our brain automatically rotates the image to the proper level, just like a situation with a mirror.

After the experiment in the classroom, Morell decided to photograph the image formed in the room. After many months of trials and errors, he could start the project. Then he began to create in the color and through the prism rotates the image. He is currently working with a special tent without a floor, which turned into a portable camera obscura. Morell’s project offers new opportunites to many fields of everyday life and reveals

the new image of the world .