How and what kind of Arts can be digitized?

There is a lot of, but it won’t assert all, because the concept of Art has a lot of things under it.

In past, when there were no way to digitize Art, if peolpe wanted to memorize that time of their life or express them like individuals, they used their own “hands and minds” to draw paintings, make  sculptures, arhitectural monuments, write musical compositions or books etc.

Nowadays music, animation, all goes together to make that feeling of Art as a lot of components make that unique Artwork.

Music is not only a one simple sound, but it consists a lot of them and that sounds quality depends on composition, music instruments used, voice used, nature of music etc. So it all works together to make basis of music.

When it comes to things what we can see in digitized way – film, animation (in this occasion I will not mention photo), we should note that, if it’s animation, it doesn’t have a direct work of people, they are not involved like actors in films, theaters, operas, musicals..If it’s a theatrical genres or film there is not only man who writes script, like in animation too, but there is also actor, who displays this script.

Talking about theatrical genres I would like to give some example of merging script, sound, film and light in musical. It also shows how one art element – literature (Victor Hugo “Notre – Dame de Paris”) goes to other – musical and immortalized in film. It reflects continious of Art.

So we can’t say that Art work is something one by itself, because it has a lot of components, and actually taking them together in unitary Art work by using Multimedia is the best way to show it in nowaday manner.