We, Latvians, like to call ourselves a nation of singers. We take great pride in our folklore traditions, and particularly in our folk songs. The Latvian Song and Dance Celebration, which gathers hundreds of thousands of people, has been recognized by the UNESCO as a unique masterpiece of non-material human culture. The Celebrations is one of the most spectacular events that one can ever witness. No nation is small in its wealth of history and culture. By sharing this wealth, it is not depleted, but only enlarged.”

“Vaira Vike-Freiberga, President of Latvia (1999-2007)

This is story about XXIV Nationwide Latvian song and XIV dance celebration in year 2008, one of the most unique and unrepeatable events in Latvia, which is happening in Latvia once in five years and I guess this event can’t be forgotten.

In year 1873 there were only about 1000 singers, no lights, no projections, no chereography… but still it was breathtaking…In year 2008, 18’464 singers and all these multimedia advantages, but is it better than then? I suppose this is question that we all have to ask ourselves, because back in those days we had something that we can’t buy about all the money in the world and can’t make with any multimedia assistance.. and it’s belief ,to better world, to freedom..

I think multimedia nowadays, and especially in this event is needed, because, we had lost this feeling of togetherness,  and we have to brighten our felling as single entity…so we use lights, projections, chereography, to brighten our impressions about event. So here is one example of wonderfull and unforgetable event from Latvia – which shows the harmony on lights, projections and thousands of singers.